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Awesome Music / Wild ARMs

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Wild ARMs has some popular songs, but the series as a whole is known for having a really fine soundtrack.

  • Wild ARMs. Michiko Naruke's amazing compositions are frequently cited as one of the best aspects of the series.
  • Wild ARMs 2:
  • Wild Arms Alter Code: F, the Playstation 2 Remake of the original game, has a whole new OST with some remixed songs from the first game and some original songs. Some examples are the peaceful Adlehyde Castle Town, the happy Rows of Houses, and the ridiculously catchy Puzzle
    • If we're going the talk about Boomerang Flash, we should probably also mention his theme from the Updated Re-release, War Demon. Which plays now during ALL of his battles. And is awesome.
  • Wild ARMs 3 has more awesome tunes, particularly "FATE Breaker" and "Flying in the Mists of the Storm", though there are several dozen tracks that would easily fit this category. The ending theme, Wings, has cemented its place as the best ending song of any game, ever (only the one used in the US, though; the Japanese version is nowhere near as powerful, and the version in the US game is not available on any soundtrack; it has to be ripped from the game OST.)