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Headscratchers / What If?

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For the Blog:

  • What does Randall have against Kingsley Elementary School?
  • In the article asking what would happen if a 7kg bowling ball is dropped into the Mariana Trench, the end picture has an alt text of "My theory is that all bowling balls floating in the Pacific are slowly drawn towards 5227 Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles." Well, I don't live all that far from there, so I googled it, and found that the address corresponds to Kingsley Elementary, just off of Normandy. Um... why that school exactly?
  • In the book it mentions the friction of the atmosphere would heat up the air if the earth was stopped spinning because of the friction, but then later in the book points out that a spacecraft entering the atmosphere (which would be at a speed comparable to the earth stopping dead at most latitudes) is due to the compression of the air in front of the spacecraft, and not the friction.
    • Also the earth stopping is not looked at the other way around - with the atmosphere being stopped but the Earth continuing to spin - that would probably be less trouble as things will eventually get back to normal.

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