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Headscratchers / "Weird Al" Yankovic

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  • Considering the protagonist of "Trapped In The Drive-Thru" is more banal than zany, what's he doing driving a car while wearing bunny slippers?
    • Just in case.
    • Or he is so dull and lazy that he immediately puts on bunny slippers when he gets home and didn't feel like taking them off.
  • Angry White Boy Polka. I usually love his Polka medleys, but whose idea was it to include an Armenian band singing about Arab suicide bombers and a band of... Uh... mixed ethnicity fronted by a Mexican covering an Afrika Bambaataa song name checking civil rights leaders? Isn't that... A bit misleading? That's as unwhite as white rice covered by something very unwhite.
    • "Angry White Boy" is a derogatory term for late '90s / early '00s nü metal generally referring to how the only people who liked it were privileged white kids who didn't really have anything to be genuinely mad about. The title isn't so much a reference to the musicians as much as the fad, which, sadly included some acts that didn't quite fit the description.
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    • It's worth pointing out that Al did this polka around the same time that he worked with Ben Folds on "Rockin' the Suburbs," which was a direct attack at Korn.
  • Paul McCartney disapproved of Weird Al's "Live and Let Die" spoof "Chicken Pot Pie" because... Paul is a vegetarian? What sense does that make? Weird Al is a vegetarian too!
    • For one, Al wasn't yet a vegetarian when he first wrote the song. Also, Paul (well-known for his social crusades) is one of those vegetarians. In fact, I'm pretty sure he went full-on vegan after Linda died.
  • Why does "Dare to Be Stupid" have the line: "You can eat a bunch of sushi and forget to leave a tip?" That would be rude, to be certain, but not really stupid.
    • Because next time you go in there, they might just remember you as a bad tipper, and not be quite so careful to give you fresh sushi, I'm guessing.
    • It could also be that the stupid part isn't the lack of a tip itself but instead the "forgetting" part.
    • Actually, in Japanese culture the rude thing to do is to leave a tip, for some reason. So it actually becomes smart once you know this. It seems to me that Al was just writing the lyrics off the top of his head for the sake of funny.
  • Why, exactly, did Weird Al never do a parody of a 3 Doors Down song? Sure they're (relatively) obscure now, but from around 1999-2005ish you almost had to go out of your way to avoid them.
    • Because the thought never crossed his mind?
    • Because he couldn't come up with a good way to either parody or adapt one of their songs?
    • Because they (or their record label) said "No thanks" when he asked if he could?
    • Because his best vocal range isn't low-pitched enough to sound much like their lead singer?
  • What is it with the internet's obsession of attributing every single parody song to Weird Al?
    • Weird Al has become so synonymous with parody songs (ignoring the fact that he's actually done quite a large number of original songs that aren't outright parodies) that people online subconsciously associate all parody songs with Weird Al. Either that, or some people out there are claiming their own parodies were created by Weird Al in order to piggyback on his popularity.
    • It most likely was something that came to light during the birth of online music sharing, and the mp3 format. Back when music sharing was more hand to hand, via mix tapes - artist/track info was seldom written down. However, early file sharing (Napster depended on mp3 tag info, so people were pretty much forced to add such info, regardless of whether it was accurate or not. While Weird Al was likely the most notable artist who had songs misattributed to him, it was a fairly common thing where even non-parodies, by lesser known artists, were attributed to more famous artists at the time. Resulting in songs like "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks, commonly being attributed to Alanis Morissette, and "Teenage Dirtbag" by Wheatus, being attributed to Weezer.

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