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Headscratchers / Unknown (2006)

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  • If Coles regained his memories and is able to recall that Jean Jacket took a part in the kidnapping, what consequences will it have for the latter? I figure out he will maintain that he was an honest undercover cop just trying not to give himself away prematurely and that he would certainly have undermined the gang's efforts had he not lost his memory. The question is - will he be believed by the superiors? And even if Coles never recalls it, isn't the fact that Jean failed to inform the police on the upcoming abduction suspicious in itself? Of course, either way Jean's behavior during the climax is something that will testify in his favor - unless they come to conclusion that he just tried to pretend to be honest when he noticed police arriving.
    • What are you talking about? Everybody knows who everybody is by the end.

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