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  • It's implied that Lucien's daughter died when she was fourteen but would be Norah's age if she were still alive. So how was he able to keep her death a secret for so long?
    • Given that Nora and Rodrigo introduce themselves to each other, it's likely they just didn't know Lucien well. He probably just rarely talked about his daughter, so Nora only knew her rough age but not much beyond that.
    • It could also be that Lucien had two daughters, and one is dead and the other is alive and Norah's age.
    • No, Norah specifically refers to an 'Allie' and that's the name found on the sympathy card. We don't know what age specifically Norah is - Kristen was 27 when the film was made but she could be either older or younger - so that could be a rough estimation. The death being kept a secret from Norah might be just because she wasn't a close family friend. If she never heard about the death then clearly she wasn't close to his family, and Lucien seems like the type to simply not bring such things up. Maybe not wanting to make the situation awkward or not wanting to get the "I'm so sorry" responses - especially when his job is to captain the rig.
      • Alie can be a nickname for multiple girls names (Alexandra, Allison, Alice etc.) so it is possible (albeit admittedly pretty unlikely) that Lucien had two daughters both nicknamed Alie at different times.
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    • It would actually be pretty easy if Norah isn't in regular contact with anyone that would tell her otherwise. If Norah asks "how's Allie?" he could just reply "fine" and change the subject, or else make up something like "she's at college" or whatever.

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