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Headscratchers / Trick 'r Treat

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  • Why did the undead kids wait thirty years to take revenge on Kreeg?
    • What triggered them was Macy, one of the bullies, kicking a Jack-o-Lantern into the lake their bodies were in while in Sam's presence, angering Sam and causing him to resurrect them. My guess is that the powers that brought them back will not wear off until Halloween is over, so after having completed their goal of killing the ones who broke Halloween tradition, their only remaining directive was the desire for revenge which they died with.
    • Not to mention, they didnít exactly know where Mr. Kreeg lived either. After Kreegís fight with Sam, Sam probably tipped them off to the house address of their killer after seeing the photos.
  • Who was that one kid in the bag, that Wilkins kills while burying Charlie?
    • Most likely someone from the previous Halloween
    • Or he simply killed several people that night.
    • Considering the colorful stripes on the sleeve, he's possibly one of the clown boys,if not just a clown.
  • If Steven wasn't actually a vampire, then how was he able to kill that one girl in the alley? Human jaws don't have enough power to inflict much damage on other humans anyway (after all, humans are omnivores, not carnivores), and fake teeth are most likely gonna be dull and made of fragile material.
    • A sicko like Steven may have had some custom-made.
    • Human jaws aren't exactly weak. You actually possess enough bite force to bite off your own fingers, and it's merely instinct that prevents you from doing so, and the flesh near the veins in the neck is no more difficult to bite into than any cut of meat you'd eat normally.
    • A combination of both could be the case. Knowing Steven's behaviour, personality, and mannerisms in this movie, he probably made sure that those fake teeth were made out of a material that makes it easier to bite someone fatally, plus his kill-happy attitude allowed him to motivate himself to bite harder than a usual human could anyways.
  • If this Halloween was Laurie's first time eating a human, then how has she been able to live to be 22 without dying of starvation or malnutrition first?
    • It's possible she wasn't born a werewolf, but was made one at some point in adulthood — furthermore, they're werewolves, not vampires, human flesh may not be all they need to eat but only a preferred way of cutting loose while transformed.
    • It's also mentioned they did this the previous Halloween in Tampa. So perhaps it's just a ritual and not needed for sustenance?
    • It could also be interpreted as being the first time she willingly kills and eats a human. The other members of the pack could very well share their meals with her. Or, as mentioned above, they can maybe survive on killing and eating other meat, with human-munching being some sort of ritual.
    • To expand on the "ritual" part, it's implied by dialogue that they eat humans every Halloween, so it may be a holiday-exclusive thing.
  • Aside from Sam and the Schoolbus kids, how is it that none of the other killers in this movie have been arrested?
    • Serial killers can go for a long time killing serially, and a few even never get caught. As for the girls, well, whatever remains left behind would seem to be product of people being tore apart by wild animals, a bunch of college girls wouldn't exactly fit the profile.
    • Also, the girls go to different locations each year. They mention hitting Tampa, FL a couple of years before. And they outgrow the hunt at some point, as there are no older werewolves with them. So, killing in a variety of jurisdictions and for a limited window go a long way from anyone suspecting them of anything.