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Headscratchers / The O.C.

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  • How does a public defender from Orange County end up representing somebody from Chino, which is in San Bernardino County?
  • In "The Gamble", how was it that Kirsten was able to get Ryan out of jail? Sandy made it pretty clear that Ryan could not be released before his probation hearing unless it was into the care of a parent or guardian, so how was Kirsten, who at the time had no legal standing whatsoever where Ryan was concerned, able to get him out when Sandy couldn't? Was this a case of Screwtherules Ihavemoney?
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  • How exactly was Caleb able to appoint Julie CEO of the Newport Group in season 2? Shouldn't the company have a board of directors who would need to approve that sort of thing?
  • Why didn't Seth (or anyone else, for that matter) apply to more than one college, aside from Ruleof Drama?
  • How did the Coopers keep paying for Kaitlin's boarding school tuition through Season 3, given their...less than situation?
  • In “The Cold Turkey”, how is it ethical for Sandy to represent Volchok? Given that Marissa was a close friend of the Cohen family, wouldn’t that be a massive conflict of interest?
  • How does Che, who seems like he would be pretty knowledgeable about animals, mistake a groundhog for a sea otter? The two species don't exactly look alike.

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