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Headscratchers / The Maze Runner (2014)

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  • Why did Minho keep trying to drag a stung Alby back to the glade? Not only did he himself get locked out of the glade but had he made it to the glade wouldn't Alby have been forced back out into the maze like Ben? There is such an emphasis on rules, especially by Gally, and they didn't have a cure yet so there was no reason to bring him back.
    • Alby is their respected leader. People will break rules to protect a good leader, especially when their other options are leaderlessness or tyranny (if, say, Gally had seized control).
    • Because he's a kid and didn't like the idea of leaving his friend and respected leader to die.
  • They only remove the brain from the creature, and leave the rest. Surely some of that metal would have come in handy for something!
    • They might not have thought of it. They don't know what to expect in the outside world, and may have also thought they could come back and stock up if they needed anything else.
  • So are the names we're used to (Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Minho, etc.) the real names of the characters, or did WCKD change their names like they did in the books?
    • It's never stated, and Thomas is the only one who gets memories of his pre-Maze life. I think Thomas does get called that in the flashbacks though so it might be his real name.


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