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Headscratchers / The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age

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  • Where did Eaoden learn magic? I can understand Hadhod, a dwarven warrior, maybe knowing magic spells, but a Rohirrim?? Who would teach him — Saruman (prior to his infamous Face–Heel Turn)? And how would Eaoden even have that kind of skill anyway? At end-game, his spells can rival Idrial's!
    • It may have been exaggerated for gameplay purposes, but The Hobbit did note that the world was generally full of magic, manifesting in many numerous ways (usually small, but even still): speaking purses, magical fireworks, shape-shifting, and talking animals - elements less mentioned beyond that story, but still existed. Perhaps Eaoden was simply a rare, natural channeler of sorts, and self-taught himself if he was careful. Or perhaps he had Numenorean ancestors on some side of the family. It's vague enough that it could be anything.
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  • At the end of the game, you fight Sauron atop of Barad-Dur which comes completely out of nowhere, despite the fact that, as the previous non-film cutscene showed us, Aragorn said we'd be marching on the Black Gate. Why did they do this? Did the developers run of out time and money or something? It would've a little more sense to have you fight the Mouth of Sauron with several high health Elite Mooks (With Aragorn at your side).

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