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Headscratchers / The City Without Memory

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  • What are the origins of the atani and the Altos birds? The Krinians in The End of Atlantis make no mention of them. Have they always existed on Krina? Or are they, for instance, the descendants of other aliens who were visiting Krina at the time of the grand memory wipe?
  • Are the unicorns sentient? Centipede and her sons seem to be able to communicate with them, and they show remarkable intelligence (they run away because they don’t want the war, then they manage to find Squirrel in a large city, etc.).
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  • Dr. Crack is an atani with a Krinian name. How did he end up in the Shelter? It’s doubtful that he was stolen from his parents – the atani would have hardly been so nice with people who stole their kids (see the Fridge Brilliance entry), and the kidnapping, judging by what we know about the pygmies, would have been nigh impossible. Was he an abandoned or orphaned child? Or was he bought at a slave market by an agent of the Shelter? Or was he maybe a slave in a Krinian household who got kidnapped along with the master’s children? Or did he initially find the Shelter because he fell in love with one of the agents (now his wife)?

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