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Funny / The City Without Memory

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  • Every time the poklons misuse words.
    "May a rabbit tear you up! May a ground squirrel eat you!"
  • The moment when Left Mole and Right Mole want to marry Iria and she kicks their asses.
    Right Mole: If you want to marry her, I’m giving way to you.
    Left Mole: And I don’t want to marry at all just yet.
  • The wisemen trying to decipher ancient signs and tags instead of simply reading them. Doubles with Black Comedy when you contemplate the dreariness of the situation.
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  • Even with the whole scene (Veri-Meri tracks down the heroes and tries to kidnap Squirrel) being anything but funny, this exchange definitely lightens the mood:
    Veri-Meri tearfully says he has loved Squirrel for a long time.
    Alice: And how much gold do you need to completely forget that Squirrel exists?
    Veri-Meri: I can’t forget her! Ever! Two sacks.
  • In the Shelter, Pashka firmly says he’ll only go to sleep for ten minutes, not more, so everyone has to be ready soon. Then he goes to bed and sleeps for ten hours.

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