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Headscratchers / Super Mario Bros. 3

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  • Raccoon Mario can fly, but real raccoons can't. Additionally, he gets this power from a leaf. What do leaves have to do with raccoons?
    • The same reason turtles can breath fire, mushrooms can make you grow twice as tall, walking mushrooms can fly, and you can get to dungeons through giant green pipes.
    • Actually, it's not a raccoon; it's a tanuki, which in Japanese folklore use leaves as part of their magic which adds more confusion with the Tanuki Suit as it's literally just a slightly more amped up Leaf powerup but with the added advantage of being a priest statue. Along with the Frog suit, SMB3 is pretty steeped in Shinto themes.
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  • How come the Sun is so hostile to Mario? Is it working for Bowser, or does it just not like Mario?

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