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Headscratchers / Star Trek: Voyager S6E12 "Blink of an Eye"

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  • What were the odds that Voyager happened by just at the time when there were primitive "humans" on this planet? A few days earlier and they would have been anthropoid apes at best, and a few days later they would have been super-advanced if not actually evolved/enhanced to Organian or Q-continuum levels!
    • Possibly they were stuck in their most primitive state — not Medieval Stasis, but Stone Age Stasis — until Voyager's arrival shook up their religion and started a massive domino effect. The new earthquakes, plus the always-visible light of Voyager in the sky, invalidated a lot of their existing mythology and started pushing them toward scientific advances. There are several mentions of Voyager's impact on their society, that they have this "Skyship" obsession for the whole length of their recorded history.

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