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Headscratchers / SEAL Team

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  • One thing that looks strange to me (considering all the effort the show makes to look realistic) is Alpha Team's participation in Bravo's ops. Particularly, the fact that Full Metal, Alpha's team leader, is often seen rolling with Bravo without his own team. It might be understandable (but still dubious) in situations when Bravo is down one member, but other instances, like that HVT extraction in "Things Not Seen" (rescuing Jihad Jenna)? What would be the reason for that?

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  • In the Season 2 episodes Bravo spends time attached to the US Pacific Command (PACOM), which is run by a Navy officer called Shaw. Despite being shown as a high-ranking officer who can cause Bravo a lot of grief and (dis)approve highly-sensitive black ops, he is, judging by his insignia and form of address, a mere Commander (only one rank higher than Blackburn). However, his authority and area of responsibility would assume he should be an admiral. It looks strange, considering the number of vets who take part in directing and filming the series. Also, in one of the episodes Blackburn refers to him as "General Shaw", despite the Navy not having any such rank.

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