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Headscratchers / Queen Sugar

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    Charley Bordelon's Actions 
  • Why does she throw such a fit over Ralph Angel "technically" needing to be employed as a farmer to satisfy the legalities of his parole obligations? If she pays him minimum wage up front, she can just deduct that from his share of the profits down the road.
  • And why, after strong advice to plant only a 200-300 acre section of the 800-acre farm for sugarcane, does she then refuse to let Ralph Angel use some of the fallow land for a much easier soybean crop and help bump up the profit margin? Given that Prosper and Remy both see nothing wrong with doing that, it stands to reason that the other cane farmers probably do plant their own soybean crops on marginal or fallow land that couldn't be planted with sugar - thus, her argument that the cane farmers might be displeased with that tactic and refuse to mill their cane at her mill is rather weak.

    How much time has passed? 
The passage of time works very strangely in this show. Per some art Nova created commemorating the family, Earnest died on May 5, 2016, meaning that's when the first episode occured. At the time Micah is 15 years old. As of the start of season 2, Micah turns sixteen on Juneteenth (June 19, implicitly 2016), implying that the duration of time from s1e1 to s2e1 is approximately six weeks. In the season 2 finale, Nova's phone shows a date of "Monday October 2" and there are multiple references to "President Trump," implying that 17 months have passed and we're now in 2017 (Trump was inaugurated in January 2017 and October 2 was a Monday in 2017). So season 1 takes about six weeks, season 2 appears to last over a year, but the farm is just having its first harvest at the end of season 2. There are also repeated references to Charley only being in town for a few "months" further adding to the confusion.

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