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  • There's a gag in Three Brothers that confuses me: at the beginning of the short, Snafu miserably stacks pairs of shoes on the shelves, all the while chanting, "Nine and a half Benny, nine and a half Charlie..." At one point, just before he puts another pair on the shelf, Snafu suddenly smiles and shouts, "David!", and then sadly gets back to work. Is this an old military or radio reference that I'm simply too young to get?
    • Dunno if you see this, but here is the explanation. The chant is for him to recognize where to place the boots. "Nine and half" refers to 9-1/2 shelf, with Benny being B, Charlie being C, David being D. Basically, "Nine and half Benny" means boots go to 9-1/2B, "Nine and half Charlie" go to 9-1/2C, and so forth.
    • Just watched it again. I think it's because it's something different. Every one of the other sets of boots throughout the picture was either 9.5 Benny or 9.5 Charlie. It was something that broke up the monotony.

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