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Headscratchers / Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

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  • May I ask why every Uchiha character has a Perfect Susanoo in this game? I get that gameplay wise, it's easier programming. But from a story perspective it makes no sense. Could they really not carry over the upper torso versions of the previous Susanoo forms?
    • The most common answer is "It's Fanservice". It doesn't have to make sense in the story for them to be playable in Free Battle. Plus, they don't appear in the story mode anyway.
  • Why doesn't unmasked Obito get ANY new abilities for his awakening? I can understand the PTS characters not getting new abilities since there's less material to work with. Even Kaguya I can understand since her stage warping mechanics give her more Jutsu than other characters already. But surely they could have given Obito something? Even if all they did was copy moves from his earlier variations.
  • Why doesn't certain characters get new Ougi Jutsu or Awakening like Kiba's Triple Headed Wolf form, Tenten with the Sage tools as an Ultimate Jutsu, Konan's Paper Person of God, Tsunade's Byakugou or Jugo's cursed seal level two.
    • Sadly this has been a trend since Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2. If you aren't a new character or one of the main characters, you're mostly out of luck.


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