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Headscratchers / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle

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  • Caesar and Joseph's headbands don't match, even though it's supposed to be the same headband.
    • Maybe Caesar has multiple headbands?
    • Could be that Joseph's wearing the headband with the reverse side showing...
  • Why would Koichi and Okuyasu insult Josuke's hair being they're his closest friends?
    • Gameplay and Story Segregation.
    • I'm not sure what they say translates to but maybe their saying his hair looks a bit off today and he takes it the wrong way.
    • Turns out they just say his hairstyle looks old (Okuyasu) and out of fashion (Koichi). in a mirror match, the taunting Josuke merely says the taunted Josuke's hair isn't "GREATO DA ZE!"
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    • It should be noted that Johnny (from Steel Ball Run) seems to compliment his hair but he still flips out.
      • Josuke can look through Johnny's GOD-tier sarcasm, can understand a animal's thoughts through it's face (Iggy), and can understand anything as long as it's a insult towards his hair (Baoh).
        • Most likely Josuke has heard his fair share of sarcasm about his hair, been attacked by animals because of his hair, and even heard insults of his hair in different languages.
  • How DOES Joseph understand Baoh?
  • Is it true that the ASB League battles are fought with the game's AI and not with human players? If true, does anyone realize this? It woud also mean they're giving Kakyoin shit over something that might not be his fault.
    • Look above the health bars, there the game tells you if the one in control of that character is human or the computer.
    • Ironically after the game came out, tier lists showed Kakyoin was highest tier anyhow. The game still has lots of infinites for lots of different characters though.
  • Why doesn't the stage change to night when PB or SC Dio are fighting like in Heritage for the Future?
    • Its more work to program a different 3D arena than it was to implement a 2D fighting game backdrop.
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  • Having just finished reading through Steel Ball Run, the Situation Finish for the Philadelphia stage doesn't seem accurate. Johnny/Gyro blasted the warning sign to bits before they figured out what was going on, but when did anyone actually get knocked into the sign? Did I skip a page along the way?

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