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Headscratchers / How Clean is Your House?

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  • This show's been around since 2003, yet Kim and Aggie still react in shock and horror whenever they see the house of the week. I realise the houses are disgusting, but you'd think they'd be used to this sort of thing by now.
    • Probably because if they just acted bored all of the time nobody at home would show any interest. People like to see first-hand shock at the filthy houses, and then relief and satisfaction when it's clean. If Kim and Aggie just walked around as if they weren't interested or couldn't be bothered, the show would do poorly. The show would lack any entertainment value, whether it be dramatic statements and reactions or charismatic tips on how to kill germs. It would just be a couple of people cleaning a house for about twenty minutes of screen time, which isn't really that fun. Their reactions and tips make the show interesting. No reactions, no show.
  • Does anyone else think that Kim's (or is it Aggie's) fluffy gloves are completely unsanitary? Imagine all the germs they pick up while she's scrubbing a toilet or something!
    • Given her occupation I should think she is very much aware of this and washes them regularly, if not replaces them every show. Besides, on the show, they always look spotless. I think the cleaning gang they bring in every episode do most of the work.


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