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Headscratchers / Grave Encounters

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  • Why couldn't the team just climb out the window that opened?
    • It was four stories up, and they likely would've been killed from the fall.
      • Plus by the time the team actually wanted to get out, the hospital was screwing with the layout. It wouldn't have let them find an exit.
      • Or, if they did find that open window, they'd probably just climb through into another part of the building.
  • In the sequel, how does Alex not get convicted of murder? He releases footage of him killing his girlfriend. Sure, he claims "it's totally fake" but... she also disappears immediately after. Even if they don't believe the movie as a whole, it's very hard to believe that the cops wouldn't look at that and go after him (maybe it was a filming accident, maybe the movie itself was a cover-up, or he just snapped and went with it) but that's pretty damning evidence in context.
    • The police would have to enter the hospital to confirm he did it, by finding crime scene evidence and/or her body. The video, itself, is too full of supernatural events in other scenes for anyone to think the whole thing wasn't bogus, so if all the prosecutors have to work with is the video, they can't even prove she's dead, let alone get a conviction. And either any investigators sent to the asylum will find nothing because the place where she died isn't in this dimension, or they'll never make it out to present whatever proof they might find.
      • Heck, maybe that'll be Grave Encounters 3.
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  • Why did Lance only open the red door once? He'd previously had to open a closet door repeatedly before it would lead where he wanted to go, so you'd think he'd at least try doing the same thing to the red door before flipping out completely.

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