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Nightmare Fuel / Grave Encounters

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  • The Girl shown on the right.
  • The last 30 minutes manage to be quite effective, while sometimes being also a bit derivative, showing Lance finally losing it and finding Dr. Friedkin's operating room where he did occult rituals.
  • Matt. He's the first to disappear, when the crew find him later on, he's a babbling lunatic, and we never find out what happened to him. Not long after they find him, he gains enough sense to jump down an elevator shaft.
  • Houston's separation from the group - Nothing Is Scarier Up to Eleven, as he wanders through the hospital in pitch darkness for a solid two minutes, then he's promptly murdered by an invisible presence that lifts him into the air and throws him down the hallway. This is recorded for the audience by one of Matt's wall-mounted cameras, showing the viewer that the entity really is invisible for real, and not just for Houston.
  • Lance's lobotomy was a Real Method: Transorbital lobotomy, Invented with a Icepick, grapefruit, a rubber mallet and a cadaver as a cheap method that could be done without painkillers due to asylums' often low budgets.
    • And of course, him having gone through one at the end, complete with the finished Apocalyptic Log.
  • Lance finding photos of the Grave Encounters team being experimented on in the final five minutes of the movie.
  • In fact, Lance's entire descent into insanity after Sasha's disappearance, from blaming the audience for his predicament, eating a rat, and then just screeching in the tunnel.
  • The sheer mindbreaking reality warping the Hospital is capable of. The second the team decided to stay the night at the place, they were doomed. Their food rots like its been there for weeks instead of hours, the sun never rises, and the doors just loop back into the building. Time means nothing there. And it seems to do it willingly considering how much it loves fucking with the team by making them think they found an exit.
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  • The implications of the Hospital's true nature. Its implied by some occult books Lance finds in the operating room that the head doctor may have created the place through experimentations with black magic.
  • Some of the early hauntings, which are only seen by the viewers, since the crew never has a chance to review them, such as the wheelchair moving on it's own behind T.C when he's talking on the phone, the upstairs window opening on it's own, and a massive amount of ghost orbs showing up in the photo Lance takes in the hallway where the ghost made Sasha's hair move. The viewer knows that the hospital is the real deal before the crew does...


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