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Headscratchers / Gihrenís Greed

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  • Okay, this one just confuses me. In the Principality of Zeon campaign, Char's Counterattack plays out effectively the same way as it does for every other faction, including the Colony Drop of Axis on Earth costing Gihren half of his money and resources. So why does Gihren's Principality suffer so badly from an Axis Drop on Earth when he's probably already wiped out most of the Earth's population and his HQ is on Side 3? He has no particular stake in seeing the Earth survive, especially since his ideology is Not So Different from Char's by this point.
    • Gihren's alignment is in Axis No Kyoui is dependant on the player's actions, he could be as bad as he was in canon, or he could be a good guy. And as the chaos alignment ending reveals, he most likely carries out his "plan" to wipe out most of the Earth after the CCA events.
      • That's the point, though. Why does a chaotic Gihren suffer the same penalty as the Earth Federation if Char does the Axis Drop? Why does he have a problem with that at all?
      • I'd assume it's because it showed that Gihren may not be all that powerful, if Char's ragtag force is able to drop one of Zeon's former fortresses on Earth. Makes him look weak and ineffective.

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