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Headscratchers / FarmVille

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  • Adam Smith Hates Your Guts: Lately, Bribing Your Way to Victory is slowly becoming too high a price for squeaking past the mini-quests: 30 FarmVille dollars to get past EVERY portion of a quest can get pretty goddamned expensive.
    • 1 FarmVille Dollar = 25 cents. 4 FarmVille Dollars = $1 US Dollar + state taxes. 30 FarmVille dollars = $7.50 + state taxes. Now multiply the $7.50 with N amount of quests. You get the idea.
  • Hatedom: Unfortunately, the things that spurred such for FrontierVille has been cropping up with FarmVille: new side-quests that come along with new locations (the previous English Countryside and the new Lighthouse Cove), and new buildings (zoo, pet pen, aviary, wildlife preserve, and the new livestock pen). All with VERY SHORT time limits.
    • The newly-added Lighthouse Cove had a sneak preview play which cost... wait for it... fifty-five FarmVille Dollars. Those that didn't have the money waited for it to come out.
    • Sadly, those who needed land expansions for the necessary quest found out that they needed for FarmVille Dollars to finish it. This happened in the English Countryside and the Lighthouse Cove Quests.
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    • The worst thing to add with the Lighthouse Cove expansions is the limited amount of land the player can use as crops.
    • As of 2012, there were SEVEN farms: Home, English Countryside, Lighthouse Cove, Winter Wonderland, Hawaiian Paradise, Jade Falls, and Haunted Hollow. And the last three have their own currencies. And more farms kept getting added until the game's demise in 2020. In the end there was a total of 67 different farms in the game!