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YMMV / FarmVille

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  • Obscure Popularity: It was one of the most popular of the 2000s and helped codify the modern day mobile market, but few actually discuss Farmville (especially in a non-critical light). The game was marketed at people outside of the "hardcore" gaming audience, so most players only play the games without discussing them. In addition, the death of Adobe Flash basically dooming this game to shut down and the Facebook integration making preservation efforts of it incredibly difficult certainly didn't help endear it to anyone who wasn't around during the game's heyday.
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  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: GagaVille, full stop. First it's a Floating Continent complete with sheep with wool made of crystals, a metallic hovering cow, and sheep on motorcycles! Some other key items are a shivering tree with protruding crystals, an Electric Chapel, and a phoenix on a branch. It looks like Gaga could have designed it herself, and it's so princess-perfect it makes you nauseous.