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  • So what is the in-universe explanation for the dozens of comas in this franchise anyway? In the .hack//Legend of the Twilight anime, it's implied that the comas happen through the power of suggestion but that anime isn't even canon. Has it ever been talked about in other parts of the .hack universe?
    • I "think" it was explained through a combination of .Hack//Liminality and .Hack//SIGN that a combination of extreme sensory overload through sound and sight, because the game is played through a virtual reality headset of sorts, and the blurred lines between The World and reality cause the incidents.
  • How in the world is the big bad corporation allowed to keep doing its thing after the end of //Link when anyone playing the game at the time physically disappeared into the game? Seriously, this would have been a massive event. People would have seen it. Security footage would have been available. How in the world do you blame something like that on network trouble?

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