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Headscratchers / Denver the Last Dinosaur

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  • Exactly what the hell kind of dinosaur is Denver? He doesn't resemble any of the dinosaurs I've ever heard of.
    • The last kind.
    • The cartoon kind. He can kinda talk and has pseudopsychic powers, and your beef is with his taxonomy?
    • The Other Wiki identifies him as a Corythosaurus, a member of the duck-billed dinosaurs. No source is cited, though.
    • He's an entirely fictional species (which, as far as I remember, Dr. Funt even points out in the show). His head crest resembles a Corythosaurus, but the rest of his character design seems to be a mish-mash of various dinosaur species.
      • Wild guess: Shades was right. He identifies Denver as "an alien from beyond", and look at the evidence: he walks erect. He can think. He has knowledge of modern day items like an ice cream, a pair of sunglasses and a guitar. The "egg" is too big, even for the biggest dinosaur, and it's black all the way through, which is completely unlike a fossilized egg covered in tar. Denver survived inside the egg for millions of years without nourishment and without being fossilized himself. The most definite proof is how Denver's egg shards can show visions of the Jurassic to everyone touching it, which is something a fossilized egg doesn't do and proves that what is referred to as an egg is something else. So, Denver does not look like a dinosaur because he is an alien, and his egg does does not behave like an egg because it's a hibernation chamber. The Jurassic visions, where much more realistic dinosaurs are seen, are its data log.
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  • You know, for a kid who's supposedly from California, Shades sounds a lot like a Corleone.

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