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Headscratchers / Ctrl+Alt+Del

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  • So, Scott and Ted, in their infinite wisdom, deactivated Zeke and then left him out in the hallway where anyone could just switch him back on? I mean, Lucas or Lilah could easily get home early, and it shouldn't be too much effort to just drag him back into the room and toss him in a closet or something.
    • At what point was it stated that they're wise? Just because you're a genius doesn't mean you still can't make stupid mistakes or assumptions. They could have believed that Lucas or Lilah didn't know how to work Zeke; that even if they got home early, they'd have enough time to do what they needed to do; or that they simply felt that they had all the cards even if they got backup (arrogance); they may have believed that Lucas or Lilah coming home to an empty house would be more suspicious than one of the duo missing.
      • Or maybe they panicked. You execute your plan for three years, and a couple of days before you reach your goal your roommate tricks you out of your hidden base? They needed to ACT. They did. They were sloppy.

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