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Headscratchers / College Roomies from Hell!!!

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    Why was Marsha the only one to notice the friggin' apocalypse almost came? 
  • When Mike and Margaret were fighting Satan, Marsha noticed because "the sun is turning black," but even if that was only in the immediate area, Blue, Paul, and Diana were right there, and seemed to let it pass without comment. Uh...?
    • A lot of weird crap happens to them all the time. They probably figured they were hallucinating and/or under demonic influence, and just pushed it aside as not important at the moment. Later, we do overhear a news story about how scientists around the world are really confused about the whole event.


    But... Mike was legally OUI... 
  • Things like cough syrup and mouthwash throw off breathalyzers performed within a half hour or so because there's alcohol in them. This sticks to the mouth, producing absurdly high readings on a breathalyzer intended only to pick up alcohol that's gone from the blood to the lungs. In the same way, taking a single drink before driving - not recommended, but not enough to render you legally intoxicated in most of the US - will trigger a breathalyzer for several minutes. We saw Mike gulping down the bottle; if he had had enough to trigger a breathalyzer after a night of clubbing, not only was he legally drunk, but he must have been high on the dozen or so other psychoactive ingredients seen in a typical cough medicine as well. Not to mention the whole "escaping from jail" thing...


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