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Headscratchers / Beverly Hills, 90210

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What Happened to Oscar???

  • What Happened to the Mouse?: This troper has been wondering for a while, what happened to Oscar (played by Blair Redford) from the sequel series?? The last mention of him was when Naomi rejected him for a date over the phone. Did they say what happened to his character? Did he go back to Australia or something or what?? Any guesses??

Did they drop out of school? Was there a time jump?

  • How come in the later half of season 4, they hardly show them at college? None of them ever mentioned dropping out of school, they never mention anything related to school (classes, homework, Naomi's sorority sisters disappear, etc). Not only that, but was there a time jump that we had no idea about? They all suddenly act much older than 18-19 year-olds, with Naomi getting engaged, Max returning and being engaged, Liam owning a bar (he's not even old enough to legally buy a drink, how can he own a bar?), Silver saying she's ready to have a baby. None of them live with their parents anymore, and their parents don't seem to have much of a relationship with any of them.
    • Maybe the writers realized that since the original show milked out all of the college stories, they had to make up new ones so they wouldn't have to rehash stories from the original 90210 (even though, they already started doing that). However, it still doesn't justify why they're acting older than actually are.

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