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Headscratchers / Batman: Arkham Series

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  • How does the explosive gel not blow up inside of the can when Batman presses the button?
    • It could undergo a chemical change when it exits the (perhaps reacting to oxygen) that makes it explosive while the rest in the can would be inert
      • This makes sense, since after the gel is sprayed, it actually swells and grows slightly, as if expanding into shape

  • Why doesn't Batman ever add something in his costume so that he would get a warning in case of the air he is breathing is toxic? For the first chronological game it is plausible but after that it is a wonder why its never mentioned he is not using a detector or adding something to his mask for it
    • It's Gotham City. Chances are 85% of the air is toxic fumes from pollution alone, never mind even basic 'toxins' like cigarette smoke, bleach fumes, etc