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Headscratchers / A Cure for Wellness

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  • So, about the ending...what's up with Lockhart doing that crazy Slasher Smile at the end? Is he going to do something sinister with Hannah? Has his brain been warped by whatever Volmer did to him? Or is he just out to make his own path his own way now that he has no job to return to?
    • Dane DeHaan just has a creepy smile in general and it wasn't supposed to mean anything unusual in the movie.
    • He could also be happy to defy his boorish co-workers.
    • He's happy because he knows that, without Pembroke, they will pin all of the company's wrongdoings on him. He's wordlessly telling them that he quits, leaving them to deal with the fallout from the merger themselves.
    • Lockhart's smiling wide to show us his perfect teeth. Did Volmer's dentist fit him with dentures, or did he never lose his teeth to begin with, and he hallucinated losing them? Just how much of the lunacy at Volmer's Spa was true, or the result of Lockhart's hallucinatory fever dream?
      • He was fitted with dentures. We see his perfect teeth earlier in the film when he says "Why would anyone want to leave?" to Hannah.
  • Hannah says she's not allowed to be in the water because she's a "special case." Presumably this has to do with how she was thrown in the aqueduct as a fetus, but why does going in the water cause her to menstruate? Volmer probably didn't know that would happen, or he would've been dunking her in the water sooner.
    • Arguably, he didn't want her near the water for a simple reason. Volmer's various water-based treatments were dehydrating the people following them, and it's implied that drinking and bathing the strange water taken from the reservoir - the one the eels live in, and the one they dump corpses in too - was the cause. With no other water source for the wellness center, Volmer didn't want her risking dehydration, so he never let her into the water.
    • At one point he mentions that the unprocessed water is toxic.
  • How does the wellness center continue to operate with nobody on the outside getting suspicious? The "patients" were apparently very wealthy when they check in, and if they keep disappearing or dying there, people would start to ask questions.
    • The patients are all elderly, it's presumed they don't have much longer to live anyways; but there's also a point where Volmer mentions that all the people there pushed away or betrayed people to achieve their level of wealth, and they have no loved ones to check up on them or be suspicious. I mean, Lockhart was only there so he could throw Pembroke under the bus.
  • How did Hannah manage to not learn anything about her own past in 200 years?
    • Her youthful appearance suggests that she ages extremely slowly, which might also mean a very childlike intellect for a long time. Couple that with Volmer essentially controlling her view of reality (notice how quickly she becomes interested in the outside world once Lockhart enters the equation).
  • Why does Volmer not simply off Lockhart after he starts sniffing around? And on the same note, how is Lockhart able to explore all those hidden places, with a broken leg and all the spa's employees against him?
    • Lockhart is established early on as very ruthless and determined, so his leg would only be an obstacle to overcome to him. As for the holes in security 1) Immortality has probably made the staff very careless, and 2) even if Lockhart escaped, who would believe him?
  • How does Volmer get any new "patients"? Word of mouth seems slightly unlikely...
    • Presumably Volmer is very selective of which patients he chooses to "cure." The facility is shown to be highly populated, so likely the majority of the patients would leave and tell friends about that wonderful spa in the mountains...

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