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Rule: The short the text,
better for all, remember.
All pretty simple.

And now in English:
The shorter the article,
The better it is.

Omit Needless Words.
[Rest of Haiku form blank for
Obvious reasons]

Johnny E (edited by SAMAS)

A useful device.
For pages where you would say
"Too long, did not read."

Reading hurts your brain?
Read the laconic wiki
Your brain will thank you.

—Rich Reeders

Read the short version
Then, for the links, visit the
Unabridged version.


Our shortened page text.
You want more information?
Unabridged version.

Short as possible
. . . . . . .
. . . . .

Haiku. Ha! I win!
I wrote the shortest Haiku!
Or did I? Oh no...

Describe it quickly.
Only few words will suffice.
Laconic Wiki.
Mister Apple


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