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Haiku / Dream High School

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Page 1

Do not pinch yourself
Welcome to the Dream High School
Says the floating sign

Page 2

I'm looking for my-
Hey, I know you! You're Corliss!
You're from Central High

Page 3

You misunderstand
My name's not Grok, Destroyer
Don't call me G-dow

Page 4

Seriously, Cor?
You believed despite it all?
You're surely The Ditz

Page 5

Finally alone
Confused, upset, and angry
I dwell on the past

Page 6

Corliss, though The Ditz
Student Council President
Source of confusion

Page 7

I must run away
How can I escape from her?
...Oh wait, I'm dreaming

Page 10

Hi, little brother
Do you have nightmares often?
You can talk to me

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