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Haiku / Daizenshuu EX

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Each week the three hosts
Teach us about Dragon Ball.
It's Entertaining!
Fabu Vinny

Now for Haiku from
Episode Seventy Five.
The theme is Broly.

Broly is crazy.
He is quite the maniac.

Broly. Taut and greased.
Blond legend smashing skulls in.
Sing! Stomp-stomp-sludge-sludge.

Broly the mad man.
All over a crying kid.
I blame the parents.

Buroly is cool
But he will fucking kill you!
Watch your fucking ass!


Nothing can stop him
Not even the most feared thing:
Kuririn singing!

Broly, oh Broly,
We enjoy your crazyness
And baby penis.
—Magic Jarvis

Hey, you crybaby,
Edge your crib closer to mine.
Let me punch your throat.