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Level One

  • In episode 3, Zixx retrieved an important item from the Keep, it was a toothbrush.
  • Episode 4 has Flanngo singing while searching for a key card.
    Flanngo: (singing) A keycard hunting we go, a keycard hunting we go
    Zixx: You have an awful singing voice
    Flanngo: I know, don't tell my fans
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  • Episode 5 has this gem from Flanngo
    Flanngo: Servants of darkness need a hug to.

Level Two

  • Zixx posing as an aquatic engineer (A plumber but Zixx doesn't realize that). She makes a waterworks display in the bathroom, the toilet erupted with rainbow coloured water apparently. Meghan's mom's reaction made the scene.
  • Anytime Zixx is confused by or comments on human expressions.
    Riley: Just show me the portal.
    Zixx: You know where it is, in the rec centre.
    Riley: It's an expression.
    Zixx: You have a lot of them.
  • Zixx and Megan are reading a card and Megan points out that a clue might be hidden using an old-fashioned slide. When Megan points out only the “king of geeks” would have one both Zixx and Megan instantly think of Dwayne .
  • Riley saying that he thought he found Flanngo, but it was just a "regular cranky guy"

Level Three

  • In episode 11, Riley and Dwayne are nervous, Tarphex talks to Zixx about it, leading to this gem of a line
    Zixx: Do-or-die battles with the supreme evil tends to make anyone a little queasy.

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