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  • When Caldwell complains to O'Neill about Earth new ship being called Enterprise and the crew calling him Picard.
    'Okay so here's my idea' O'Neill began, leaning in so nobody but Teal'c could overhear. 'You start wearing an expensive, but unconvincing toupee, make out with resident alien babe Anise and then they'll start calling you Kirk instead' he advised in as serious a tone as he could muster.
  • Ba'al reveals that he knows one of his lieutenants is a Tok'ra, but that he also knows that a) it's better to have a spy that you know about than one that you don't, b) she's still one of the most competent of his underlings, c) they're not gods, and that it's better to have promotions based on competence than on sycophancy. He does also add, though, that while he demands competence, "the sycophancy is still expected."

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