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  • The final battle between Apophis and Anubis, which involves two-thirds of all the Ha'Tak class vessels in the Galaxy.
  • When Andianov blows a human-form replicator's chest in with a plasma pistol, when in-canon they were nearly impervious to damage.
  • Where do we even start... How about humans destroying ¼ of the entire Wraith fleet before they even wake up
  • And then there was the epic five way Gambit Pile Up Maybourne pulled off against the Gou'ld to get Thor back]]
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  • United Worlds coming to aid the Langarans.
  • The absolute Curb-Stomp Battle of the Humans vs. The entire Wraith fleet, especially amusing if you remember that the battle was extremely one-sided in the opposite direction in canon.
  • The Wraith's strengths being utterly outclassed in every capability compared to X-COM.
    • Massive numbers? X-COM is used to dealing with armies of Jaffa, or with sectoids.
    • Superhuman strength and toughness? Drugs and strict physical fitness regimens keep X-COM's troops at the peak of physical fitness, and they're used to fighting against foes far superior to the Wraith, such as Mutons or Kull.
    • Weapons? The Wraith have weapons designed to stun foes so that they can feed on them later. X-COM's standard armor is designed to help deal with energy blasts designed to gut vehicles, to say nothing of Power Armor, and their weapons are reverse-engineered versions of those same weapons their armor is supposed to defend against.
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    • Ships? Practically every ship in the Milky Way galaxy produced by the United Worlds is an absolute beast, including Asgard ships, Tollan Ghostrider-class vessels, and X-COM armed BC-304's. While the Wraith capital ships are still incredibly huge and hard to kill, their fighters can be taken out with small arms fire. Human fighters have shields and hyperdrives for comparison's sake, and are designed to take down Loki's fightercraft.
    • Disorienting psionic attacks? Thanks to the sectoids and the Goa'uld, the United Worlds not only has matching psionic powers, but far exceeds the Wraith in them.

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