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Funny / Universal Soldier (1992)

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  • Burke's method of silencing hostages: "Shh! Shh! Shh shh!"
  • "Is that supposed to be there?"
  • "See? They're everywhere!"
  • SETH has one in The Return: "But on the other hand... fuck you!"
  • Devereaux's cafe brawl, in the first movie. The man is trying to eat. He hasn't eaten real food in ages, having his dietary needs taken care of by a high-concentrate nutritional supplement. Manages to kick the shit out of every tough guy in the cafe without breaking a sweat and goes back to eating. He maintains a blank expression throughout the entire fight, and even warns the brawlers that He's trying to eat, while He's still chewing his food. Tops off the end of the fight by sitting back down, and coyly smiling at Veronica, moments after Devereaux throws the last standing brawler out of the large window at the front of the cafe.
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  • Devereaux during his knifing portion of his assault on the terrorist camp, gets the drop on one of the terrorists. He cuts the terrorist and shoves the man back a little. The terrorist looks confusingly at his wound and then at Devereaux. He quickly decides that it would be in his best interest, to not let Devereaux finish his attack, and proceeds to leap out of a four-story building to his death. Even more hilarious, is the look on Devereaux's face when He realized that the initial attack did nothing more then give the bad man a nasty little cut on his arm.
  • Burke and the hostages watching in revulsion, as Devereaux tackles a fleeing terrorist and proceeds to pound the poor schmuck's head into pudding, before getting off of the dead man and chasing after another one.
  • During Devereaux and Andrew Scott 2.0's fistfight, both men go barreling through concrete and cinderblock walls like nobody's business, despite the fact that in the first movie, it was stated that the Unisols weren't strong enough to do so. With their upgrades, this is no longer the case. But what's even more hilarious, is during their fight, they hit a small drop in the intensity, when both men slam into a wooden wall and don't plow through it, and their blows do nothing to each other and the wall, so they have to resort to flinging each other over a wrought iron fence over the stairwell and drop down a couple flights of stairs, just to get the fight moving again.
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  • During his fight with John, Scott 3.0 gets one in, after John had stabbed him multiple times and wounded him with a lot of guns and such. He gets stabbed in the hand, and responds with a smirk and a chuckle saying "That's the Spirit, Soldier!"
  • This exchange used to explain Van Damme's thick accent.

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