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  • Velasquez and the dispatcher's pre-mission banter from this episode one mission:
    Velasquez: Do I have a partner for this one?
    Dispatcher: Since when do you want a partner?
    Velasquez: Just to keep the drones distracted.
    Dispatcher: Ok. I'll get Flannery and Dickle on deck.
    Velasquez: Dickle?! I've got a partner named Dickle?!
    Dispatcher: Hope you like rookies!
    Velasquez: Tell the Vultures that! They'll be laughing so hard they'll fly right into each other!
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  • Wolstencroft at the end of Mission 16 in the first game:
    Lt. Col. Mammon: The Traffic Department has destroyed our Ion Supply Convoy, sir. My skids were unable to defend it.
    Col. Wolstencroft: Excellent, Commander, keep up the good work.
    Gen. Kreel: Do you always praise subordinates for failure?
    Col. Wolstencroft: I've run out of creative ways to execute them.

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