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  • The scene when the men find the book.
    Jeremy: This is sick.
    Zeke: It's brainwashing, I'm telling you!
    Jeremy: She's trying to push me towards my dreams and help me accomplish my goals- wh-why would she do that?
  • Jeremy proposing to Kristen in the middle of her showing a house to a newly wed couple.
    Jeremy: Look I uhm...I miss you. I miss you and I want you back.
    Kristen's clients: Aww.
    Jeremy: I wanna buy you a house.
    Male Client: That's my man, step up!
    Jeremy: I wanna buy you this house.
    Male Client: Back up bitch, you ain't buying my house!
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  • Zeke's confession.
    Zeke: I don't want the sex, Mya, I want you.
    Mya: [sighs] That's bullshit.
    Zeke: ...Okay, that's bullshit. Yes, of course I want the sex but the difference is before I met you, the sex was all I wanted, and now I want you.
  • Jeremy notices all his anime posters and figurines are missing.
    Jeremy: Oh. Oh my god. OH MY GOD. WE'VE BEEN ROBBED!


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