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Heartwarming / Think Like a Man

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  • The moment when Cedric, the most vocal of the dudes about how done he was with his ex-wife, was the first to run into the men's restroom and call his wife, tears in his eyes, and tell her he's coming home.
  • Zeke tells Mya that he wants coffee. The sweetest moment in the film.
  • Jeremy's long-overdue proposal to Kristen.
  • Zeke's accidental I-love-you to Mya.
  • Michael's dedication to Candice and her son Duke.
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  • Candice overhearing Michael standing up to his mother and telling him to apologize to her for threatening to uninvite her to their wedding. Even though Michael's The Reason You Suck speech to his mom was entirely warranted, it demonstrated Candice's commitment to having a good relationship with her mother-in-law.