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  • Mary's deadpan reactions to Martha the maid's enthusiasm. Most notably, when Martha deliberately leaves Mary's turtleneck unfolded over her face.
    Mary: Let me out of here. [pulls the neck down] What do you think you are doing?
    Martha: Ah there you are, Miss Mary. I wondered where you'd gone.
    Mary: You knew perfectly well where I was.
    • And then Martha puts a hat over Mary that falls into her eyes. Mary deadpans "I can't see."
  • It's both funny and Awesome when Mary tells Colin off because no one else has. He tries to justify his Wangst by saying he's ill, but Mary remarks, "nobody ill could scream like that!"
  • Near the end when Medlock hears that Lord Craven is coming back, she starts freaking out because she's still got an apron on. She starts screaming "get me out of it!" in a panic.
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  • Mary's fantastic attitude towards Colin apparently going to die of illness one day (when she sees no evidence to the contrary).
    "If everyone kept telling me I was going to die, then I wouldn't do it."
  • Darkly hilarious, this argument between Mary and Colin.
    Mary: "What do you know about dying?!"
    Colin: "My mother died!"
    Mary: "Both my parents died!"


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