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Funny / The Princess and the Dragon

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  • While brewing a potion to help Jou, Yugi makes a mistake and the cauldron explodes. Jou is drenched in the potion and sprouts golden fur and dog-ears.
    • Later in the same scene, Yugi gives Bakura a pair of rabbit ears when he refuses to give him the spell-book that holds the key to helping Jou.
  • The Noodle Incident involving Kaiba being turned into a goat.
  • Yugi's plan to get Kaiba to come to the thieves' hideout. He sends a Kuriboh to the dragons' cave, which proceeds to multiply when first the dragon kits, then Kisara start attacking it. The scene closes with Kisara blasting the many Kuribohs with lightning, and the next we see of Kaiba, he's arriving at the hideout in a towering temper, escorted by a wave of squealing furballs.
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  • Marik and Jou in dresses. Ishizu's response to the revelation is the icing on the cake:
    Ishizu: [straight-faced] I always wondered what my sister would look like, should I ever chance to have one.
    Valon: [falls over laughing]

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