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Funny / The Open Door

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  • Lars' exchange with Keiichi.
  • Lars and Skuld's exchange about making an Underdark version of the Marxist-Communist history.
  • Say what you will about how despicable New Chaos is, how they don't have the moral high ground, but they are often side-splitingly hilarious. Example: Rong-Arya asks if the crew is ready for if "a giant space eel composed of the residue of the universe slithering back through time arrives and attempts to mate with the local star, triggering a sudden outgrowth of petunias on the engine manifold," occurs. The readers think that this is a joke, until another crew member asks why she brought up "Scenario HH-Alpha-3Z," and you realize that she is completely serious.
    • Or when Rong-Arya is fighting a borg forward base and orders ramming speed.
    Rong-Arya: All hands, this is the captain speaking. We are currently about to plunge head first into the enemy position, so preparing for impact would be advised at this time. Also, I appear to have decided that today is silly accent day, so crew hands are asked put on their best pirate voice while officers are urged to speak like 19th Century British Royal Navy officers. Stiff upper lip when facing these knaves and all that.What do you say to that?
    Narration: Even as blast doors sealed across the ship the cries of "YAAAAAAR!" could be heard on the bridge.

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