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Funny / Opal, Sapphire, Ruby, and STEVEN!

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The Weapon

The Comet

The Backpack

The Super Fancy Dinner Party

The Shapeshifter

  • Before it all goes wrong, Steven's Shapeshifting antics are pretty funny.

The Warrior

The Wallflower

The Stoic

The Friend

The Fusion

  • Steven's questions regarding Fusion.
    Steven: Question one of two-hundred-and-fifty: If one of the Gems is lactose-intolerant and the other is not, is the resulting fusion lactose-intolerant or not? Explain.
  • The fact that Steven was able to come up with two hundred and fifty questions from when he first heard about Garnet to when they got home.
    • What's sort of funny aside from that, is (ignoring the fact that gems do not need to consume organic matter and thus can't be lactose intolerant) that it's not a bad question. How do various attributes of the base Gems affect fusions?
  • Opal forgetting where her apron is, while pulling on the strings of it.

The Thorn

The Beach Party

The Regeneration

The Room

The Spotlight

  • When Steven's about to step on a booby trap:
    Ruby: STEVEN DOOOOOOOOOOoooon't do that you'll die.
  • Why Moonstone wasn't back yet; After she fought the stone guards and got the Wailing Stone, she took a nap!
  • After Moonstone separates, everyone shares a feel good hug... Then Opal pulls away and falls back on the ground with a small wheeze of "Pain".

The Hourglass

The Fountain

  • The "Ruby Traps" joke comes back, only this time, Steven says it.

The Mirror

  • Pretty much all of the stuff Steven and Lapis get up to.

The Ocean

The Watermelons

The Secret

The Blog

The Families

The Warp

The Future

The Common Soldier

The Dance

The Test

    The Askblog 
  • Steven, Opal, and Ruby like to watch wrestling matches, and Steven had to replace his TV seven times because Ruby and Opal keep punching it in.
  • After someone asked why Ruby was frozen, this happens:
    Ruby: Two words - booby trap.
    Opal: More like -
    Ruby: Opal.
    Opal: - Ruby traps
  • Someone mentions that there's a "fanfic" where Ruby and Sapphire swap places with Opal. Their response?
    Ruby and Sapphire: *Heads tip to the side*
  • When asked how much butt her and Opal's Fusion can kick:
    Ruby: (Softly) So much butt…
  • In a bit of Black Comedy:
    Opal: Oh! There’s one in this hand mirror I h - Oh.

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