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The fic stopped updating abruptly because the Super Robot Army visited the New Chaos universe
New Chaos supposedly visited alternate dimensions because they were looking for allies and training to fight the C'Tan. However all what they ever did was wreaking havoc on multiple dimensions and draw attention to theirs.

Also, Word of God stated that they would not visit the Getter Robo or Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann universes because they would be slaughtered in seconds.

So that, during his multiverse-hopping they visited the wrong dimension and got the wrong people pissed off. That universe had ties with the Super Robot Wars universe.


As a result of it, Bright Noa -accomplished tactician that has won dozens of battles- headed towards the New Chaos universe accompanied by Kouji Kabuto -extremely Hot-Blooded pilot that piloted an indestructible robot inhabited by a planet-destroyer Eldritch Abomination- the Getter Team -three mentally-unstable pilots that have beaten the crap of cosmic deities and pilot an Eldritch Abomination that can potentially become as big as a galaxy-, Amuro Rei and Camille Vidam -two powerful psychics and expert pilots-, Noriko and Kazumi -who pilot a robot that can annihilate dozens of thousands of enemies with a single attack-, the Ideon crew -that pilots of a robot that can tear a galaxy apart and will blow up the universe if it is destroyed-, Simon and his Gurren Lagann, Akira Hibiki -a psychic that rides a mechanic god-, Shinji, Asuka and Rei -all of them psychically and physically stronger than ever thanks to the mentoring of Noa and other pilots, and driving improved and reinforced Eva Units-, Guy Shishio -extremely courageous and Hot-Blooded Determinator that has beaten supernatural, ultra-powerful entities-... and the rest of the Super Robot army. All of them have fought and defeated vast armies, ancient huge empires, devious manipulators and schemers, Eldritch Abominations and gods. And they are backed by all kind of cosmic and arcane energies like the Mazinpower, the Getter Rays or the Spiral energy.


New Chaos never had a chance. Their army was humiliated and defeated, their spaceship seized and the Chaos Gods arrested and maybe depowered. However Bright Noa and his crewmen decided that the C'Tan and their allies were too dangerous of a threat so that they set to fight them... and crushed them.

This caused Tzintchi, Asukhon, Reigle and Mislaato got a Heel Realization: all of them remembered what they were and what they were supposed to be. They realized how low they had fallen and what they had turned into: nothing but super-powerful jerks and bullies. They realized that Evil Is Not Cool and Being Evil Sucks, they had repeated the mistakes of the Old Chaos Gods, and they noticed how stupid is going around picking fights if you are looking for allies and how likewise stupid is fight an enemy weaker than you and unable to pose threat as a training to fight an enemy that is stronger than you (and Asukhon got struck especially hard when she realized that she -the goddess of war- had insisted on choosing weak adversaries instead of demanding challenging battles).


As a result of it, they set out to atone for everything and become more benevolent deities instead of callous monsters. And they found out that they liked it. All other characters returned to their respective universes and the Super Robot army left after reaching an uneasy truce/alliance with New Chaos.


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