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Funny / The Legend of Dwayne and Lisa

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  • Taven in general.
  • In chapter 3, Dwayne narrates this little gem:
    Uhh... How about my sister doesn't go on the extremely dangerous rescue mission? There were evil wizards out there! Evil wizards with zombie dragons! Man, that's a sentence I never thought I'd say...
  • Sparx's entrance in chapter 4:
    Sparx: Not now, Mommy... a few more minutes? I don't wanna go to school today...
    (Spyro shakes Sparx's container)
    Sparx: AHH! I'm awake! I'M AWAKE! (Flies around the cabin in panic)
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  • At the beginning of chapter 7, Dwayne is woken up by his father breathing hot air on his tail.
  • Also in chapter 7, Lisa accidentally sets Cyril's tail on fire. Even Terrador gets a good chuckle out of this.
  • When Bianca tries to teleport herself, Cynder, Taven and Darius to Dwayne and Blaze's location in chapter 14, she winds up teleporting them into a tree.
    • Cynder even lands on a branch which scares a family of squirrels.
    • Darius being scared of heights.
      Taven: What's wrong, brother? The tree too high for you so Cynder had to get you down?
      Bianca: Well, at least I didn't land us in a lake.
  • At the end of chapter 14, Bianca teleports herself and all the dragons back to Warfang. Or rather, in a fountain in Warfang.
  • Spyro trying to get Lisa to hunt in chapter 15. Bonus points for his reaction to Lisa asking "What if they have babies?".
  • When Spyro, Dwayne and Koria reach the Sorceress' Castle, Spyro opens the door, causing it to creak loudly, prompting a hilarious reaction from Koria:
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  • Just before the ending, we get one more funny moment from Taven.
    Taven: Well... you two seemed to have improved your relationship
    Bianca: (hits Taven on the head) Don't listen to Taven. He's just mad because he's doomed to die alone and unloved.
    Taven: Excuse me!?

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