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Funny / The First Steps Of The Rest Of Your Life

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  • The gang learns of a sentient cloud that is causing massive weather disturbances and is considered to be extremely dangerous, needing to be destroyed at all costs...then they learn that it has been named Fluffers.
    • And later on, they defeat Fluffers by firing Volt out of a cannon at it, while holding a weather device.
  • Blue tricks Rainbow into going out with him, after giving her a Rousing Speech:
    Blue: So let's make sure you got this: your oldest friend [Fluttershy] finally found herself a colt [Rhino].
    Rainbow: Yeah...
    Blue: You're happy for her.
    Rainbow: Yeah.
    Blue: You aren't going to let what happened stop you from being happy for her.
    Rainbow: Yeah!
    Blue: You aren't going to worry about the future, you are going to face it head on!
    Rainbow: YEAH!
    Blue: You are going to meet me at the café for a lunch date in ten minutes!
    Rainbow: YEAH! ...wait, what?
    Blue: (flying off) See you in ten minutes!

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