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  • On the last night before they leave Korpamoen Kristina reveals that she is pregnant. Karl Oskar is not too excited and remarks that it could not have come at a worse time. Kristina's response? "You're the one who came at a bad time."
  • When Arvid asks about the fauna of North America:
    "Robert admitted that in North America great wild animals did live, and they could kill people, and were consequently a little annoying."
  • Whenever Danjel is being accosted or questioned by the clergy in Ljuder. Doubles as Moment of Awesome.
    Lönnegren: But you must know that no one is allowed to hold Communion without being ordained?
    Danjel: That I do not know.
    Lönnegren: But the dean here has told you so.
    Danjel: I do not obey the dean, but Holy Writ. The Bible says nowhere that our Lord Jesus was ordained.
    • Same goes for when the lawmen question him.
    Sheriff: Do you confess to giving communion to these people?
    Danjel: Not all of them yet. The sheriff came and interrupted me.
    • Ulrika gets a few in as well.
      Per Persson: How dare you insult the dean?
      Ulrika: Watch out! I might insult the warden, too.
  • When Kristina worries about bringing the children out on the ocean since ships may sink and people drown, Karl Oskar replies that most people on land die in their beds yet most people go to bed every evening.
  • "The French had a hundred different sauces but only one religion, whereas the Americans had a hundred different religions but only one sauce."
  • While the stories of Erik Janson aren't particularly comical there are a few details that can make you laugh. Like his nickname being Wheat Flour Jesus (guess what he went around selling before he founded his own sect?). Or this little gem:
    "It was true that the community which Janson had built and named Bishop Hill, after his home parish Biskopskulla, had been called Bishop Hell by the Americans, and letters so addressed had reached their destination."
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  • Ulrika makes no secret of her hatred for Sweden. Just after delivering Kristina's son, who was conceived in Sweden, she delivers this comment:
    Ulrika: The boy was made in Sweden, but we must pray God this will have no ill effect on him.
  • The little tidbit that Ulrika's descendants trace their lineage from "the noble Swedish family of Västergöhl".
  • Ulrika expressing her opinion on how Swedish men treat women.
    Ulrika: In that hellhole Sweden a man will use a woman as a hired hand in daytime and as a mattress at night. In between she isn't worth shit.
  • Jonas Petter's attempt to persuade his very religious house maid that they should be lovers even though they both have spouses back in Sweden.
    Jonas Petter: Moses might have misunderstood the sixth commandment; he had grown rather old and his eyes and hearing were poor by that time.
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  • Ulrika's reaction to her first child with Henry being a girl.
  • Henry wants to give a speech in Swedish in honor of his wife. He asks some Swedish settlers to write down a few lines in praise of women. Too bad the last line they write means "Swedish women are good fucks".
  • Kristina's shock when Karl Oskar gives her the fancy stove for Christmas.
    Kristina: Have you bought it...?
    Karl Oskar: Yes, it's bought and paid for. I'm not in the habit of stealing things.
  • An entirely unscripted moment from the first movie. On the eve of their departure Kristina opens a box to pack a few more items and finds Anna's worn out boots. It's a dramatic moment where she realizes her husband carries their daughter's death with him at all times. Even though the scene is emotional it's hard not to laugh when one of the other children exclaims: "Shoe?!?"
  • When lice is discovered on the ship, someone quips that things must be really bad now in Sweden if even the lice are choosing to emigrate.

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