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  • Kristina discovering that Karl Oskar saved their dead daughter's shoes and brought them with him to America. Especially touching since the girl died on the same day Karl Oskar was going to take her to the cobbler because her first pair of shoes had worn out.
  • The first time Kristina is pregnant she's terribly upset over her ruined complexion (she gets brown spots on her face). Karl Oskar tells her he loves those spots.
    "She had the spots because she was to bear a child, she was to bear a child because she had been with him, and she had been with him because she loved him. The ugly complexion was to Karl Oskar a proof of her love for him. How could he be anything but happy over it?"
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  • Karl Oskar coming to find Robert when he's seasick and panicking in the first storm, helping him back to bed.
  • Karl Oskar and the first mate cleaning Måns Jakob's face before his burial.
  • It almost makes you tear up to read the passage when the group has arrived in New York and Karl Oskar brings Kristina wheat bread, a pitcher of milk and a fresh apple. Both Kristina's joy and her children's excitement are adorable.
  • Kristina sharing the last of their bread with Ulrika and Elin on board the train. It's not an action that comes easy to her and she worries that she's giving away food her own children will need shortly but she ends up doing it anyway and it becomes the first step towards hers and Ulrika's animosity turning into a great friendship.
    • Several moments between Kristina and Ulrika fit here. Kristina longing for Ulrika in Unto a Good Land comes to mind.
    • Ulrika rushing to Kristina's bedside after Kristina's miscarriage. Even leaving her baby son behind at home to be with her friend.
    • In a rather funny moment, Ulrika informs Karl Oskar that no matter how desperate he might get, she would never sleep with him, out of respect for Kristina. Karl Oskar is merely offended by the suggestion that he would be unfaithful to his wife, but Ulrika's sentiment is touching in its own way.
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    • When baby Danjel is to be christened the parents ask Uncle Danjel to perform the ceremony, and Ulrika to be godmother. Back home in Sweden she would never have been allowed to be a godparent, and Kristina and Karl Oskar would have been horrified by the very idea. After their long jourey to Minnesota, and after her serving as midwife for Kristina's long and difficult childbirth, she has become as one of the family, as good as anyone else, and it's easy to imagine what an enormous thing it must be for her to be asked.
    • Ulrika's own words about their friendship.
    Ulrika: I sold my body at times for a loaf of bread, but my friendship costs more than any man or woman can pay. I don't throw it away on just anyone. But you have it, Kristina. You have it for all time. Of that you can be sure. You got it that time when you shared your bread with me on the journey. You have received the most valuable possession I have to give to any human being.
  • Karl Oskar and Ulrika have argued and called each other names and each refuses to take the other's hand and make peace. Later on Ulrika brings the missing Lill-Märta back to her parents and this follows:
    "As soon as they were inside the rail Karl Oskar held out his hand to Ulrika; he shook hers violently, he pressed it in his own, he would not let go of it for a long while; this was the hand that had brought back their child, had saved the little girl and-the parents. But he was unable to speak, not a syllable would cross his lips, not a sound. He felt something in his throat, something he couldn't swallow. Only a few times before had he had this feeling, it came over him instead of tears. Karl Oskar wept, wept inwardly like a man, with invisible tears."
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  • Anders and Fina-Kajsa lending one of their cows to Kristina and Karl Oskar over winter. Kristina had been worried sick over not having milk to give the children.
  • The entire chapter "Mother and Child". It's hard to believe it was written by a man and not a mother having just given birth.
  • Ulrika only cries thrice during the entire book series, and two of those times it's out of happiness.
  • Henry memorizing a speech in Swedish to surprise and honor Ulrika at her big Christmas party.
    • Also Jonas Petter striking the last line of the speech (which was very inappropriate but Henry didn't know it).
  • Kristina's reaction to Robert returning to their settlement.
  • Karl Oskar spending more money than he can really afford buying a fancy stove for Kristina.
  • Despite their new home giving them enough food and income to allow them to prosper, Kristina can't stop longing for Sweden. To help make her feel more at home Karl Oskar suggests that they name their settlement after her parents' farm. Now she no longer lives at Ki-Chi-Saga - she lives at New Duvemåla.
    • He also writes to her father back home in Sweden, asking him to send seeds from her favourite apple tree so that she can plant a tree of her own at their new settlement.
  • Early on in the story, when Arvid is crying on his bed over being labelled the Bull at Nybacken, Robert finds a way to comfort him - by sharing his secret that he means to emigrate to the US, and asking Arvid to come with him.

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